A Group Exhibition to Benefit the COVID-19 Health Crisis



JUNE 5 2020 -JUNE 1 2021


Subliminal Projects is pleased to present, Out of Touch, a year-long online group exhibition to benefit nonprofits and organizations aiding the global needs of the COVID-19 health crisis. The exhibition highlights artists from around the world whose work involve themes of touch, intimacy, texture, crowd behavior, or more abstract concepts of human interaction, drawing attention to the universal existential re-evaluation of touch during the pandemic.

The instinct of greeting with a hug, the vibration of a room filled with people, the texture of a piece of fruit from the grocery store; the very idea of how we connect with the world on a physical level takes on new meaning in the throws of a pandemic. Out of Touch, presents a myriad of works possessing these themes aimed to ignite  questions, thoughts, feelings, or even anxieties, of how we move forward and process a new cognizance of what we touch, how we protect ourselves, and each other. 

As an artist and activist run space, Out of Touch aims to unite  artists, nonprofits, and patrons by contributing to the totality of the health crisis. Every quarter, within the course of the exhibition, we will donate 25% of the proceeds from art sales to a different nonprofit aiding the core needs of the health crisis: medical services, medical supplies, humanitarian aid, and testing & vaccination. Additionally, new artists will be added every quarter, bringing in evolving perspectives, as we cope with the changing paths of the crisis, and move forward collectively.


Amber Boardman, Bryce Wymer, Cheryl Dunn, Danny Cole, Ellena Lourens, Hellen Beard, Justin Hager, Kassia Rico, Kelly Breez, Marina Capdevila, Robert LeBlanc, Hanna Hooper.